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Hello Yes.Fit Fam! It's your friend, Victoria, and I'm writing to share with you an AWESOME new benefit you can get by being a part of our community.

As many of you know, we are a small startup company. When it comes to getting the word out on what Yes.Fit is all about, getting people off the couch and making their fitness journey part of their day-to-day lifestyle, every little bit helps.

Additionally, we love it when we can reward our community, so we have decided to improve how we reward our Yes.Fit Family.

Moving forward, every time a new friend joins Yes.Fit using YOUR unique referral code, you will get $5 store credit to Yes.Fit and they will get $5 off their first race!

Below I will share with you how you find your referral code and a couple of easy and cool ways you can share it out with your friends, family and acquaintances.

Where is my referral code located?
Option 1

If you are on the Home screen of the app, at the top right-hand corner you will see a hamburger sign (see below).

It will take you to the following page, where your personal referral code lives.

Once you click "Share Code," it will be copied to your clipboard, where you are able to share with your friends and family!

Once your friend has purchased their first race and used the referral code you sent to them, you will get your discount automatically added to your Yes.Fit account.

If you wish to buy a new race, you can go through the process as usual but this time when you checkout, you will see a discount labeled “First Race” in your itemized breakdown letting you know the referral code worked.

Option 2:

When in the app, click on any race or fitness challenge. You will see a bar that will either say "Join this Race" or if you've already purchased the race or challenge, it will say "Edit Order." To the right of those sections, you will see an arrow.

Simply click on that arrow where you will be directed to the Share screen where you can either share an event or referral code.

Now that you know how to find your referral code, here are a couple of cool ways you can share your code:

Every time someone new to Yes.Fit uses it, you will get $5 store credit that can be redeemed for:

Fitness Challenges
Add-on race items
Any store product!

2. Share on Social Media

Share the love on social media! Post your code on social media and let everyone enjoy getting $5! Here's a sample post copy with image. Simply copy, paste and then add it to your post!

"Hey everyone! I wanted a way to stay motivated and have fun so I joined Yes.Fit, a virtual race and fitness challenge app! If you use my referral code, you will get $5 OFF your first race! Use code [insert code], save and join me on Yes.Fit!"

3. Send a Text or Email!

Once you've copied your referral code, it's easy to share it anywhere!

Enjoy the savings!

About the Author

Victoria Shepherd

Victoria Shepherd has been working in Marketing for over 14 years and is the Director of Marketing at Yes.Fit. Victoria has extensive knowledge of digital marketing, with a specific focus on content marketing, SEO, and social media. In her spare time, she loves staying healthy, whether it's running with her dog Luna, or cooking delicious meals for her family.

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