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Welcome to Yes.Fit's 2nd Annual Shark Week 2021 Virtual Race

Yes.Fit is always looking for new and exciting ways to engage and motivate our users!

We offer a variety of themes, locations, and distances that will appeal to a variety of people with different needs and interests.

Yes.Fit virtual races you can run, walk, bike, or swim! You sync and track any of your workouts to our app and can even track your mileage manually.

With over 500,000 race participants to date and a 300 thousand-member social media following, the stakes are high!

We are committed to delivering digital races and fitness themes that speak to and motivate our users.

Now the fun stuff, Sharks!!

Yes.Fit is proud to bring you the second annual Discovery Shark Week 2021 Virtual Challenge. Join us in the waters of Maui, Hawaii, bring your friends, and let us swim with the sharks! You are going to Nail It!

"We're thrilled to be working with Discovery again this year for the Shark Week virtual race. It's the only way we could bring our global user base the best user experience." Kevin Transue, CEO.

This household name and highly anticipated series from the Discovery Channel is who you go to if you want sharks. No one can compete with their ability to educate and entertain countless fans from around the world.

This year we've changed the look and feel of the medal, coins, t-shirt, and headband. We've also added a Shark Week-themed water bottle that will keep you hydrated as you "hammer" away at your workouts.

"I was excited when I was made aware we were doing another Shark Week race. Being able to develop a whole new race experience for the user is great, as it not only appeals to our existing audience who are so supportive, but also brings something fun and fresh to our new users who have just discovered us!" - Victoria Shepherd, Director of Marketing

Fin-Tastic Ending:

Yes.Fit is proud to present the Discovery Shark Week 2021 Virtual Challenge. Venture into the waters near Maui, Hawaii, and take part in this 44.6-mile journey. One of the few places in the world where there lies a desirable habitat for tiger sharks.

Mano, as they’re known in the Hawaiian language, is revered and respected as ‘aumakua, or traditional family guardians. For families who have the shark as ‘aumakua, it’s believed that the shark is a deceased ancestor now living in another form.

This digital race experience is filled with beautiful imagery and educational facts straight from the shark's mouth. For more about sharks, head to

©2021 Discovery or its subsidiaries and affiliates. Shark Week is a trademark of Discovery or its subsidiaries and affiliates. All rights reserved.

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Victoria Shepherd has been working in Marketing for over 14 years and is the Director of Marketing at Yes.Fit. Victoria has extensive knowledge of digital marketing, with a specific focus on content marketing, SEO, and social media. In her spare time, she loves staying healthy, whether it's running with her dog Luna, or cooking delicious meals for her family.

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