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7 Tips To Staying Healthy in an Unhealthy Economy

Staying healthy in an unhealthy economy can be tough. Times are hard right now, gas prices are at an all time high and food prices have increased.

The best way to stay healthy in an unhealthy economy is to practice a healthy lifestyle. It's important not just for your physical health, but for your mental and cognitive health, as well as your finances. If it means lessening the amount of take-out meals you eat or exercising more, it might be worth the sacrifice.

Get a program going to keep you on track to your personal health goals. Don't let something as simple as wanting to be healthy fall by the wayside because of the economy.

Although it is important to realize that everyone isn't going to have enough money for supplements or exercise equipment, there are still ways you can stay healthy in an unhealthy economy.

Here are some tips:

1.) Make a Budget: A good way is making a budget. It's easy to see if you are spending too much money and if you are not saving enough money. You will be working just to get by and living on the edge.

2.) Eat Healthy & Meal Prep:
This goes along with the budgeting tip. If you are eating healthy, it will be less expensive and also more satisfying. Eating healthy is important for staying fit and for your health in general. Try your local farmers market or butcher for fresh ingredients that are cheaper, chop up and freeze for your meal prep.

3.) Don't Vegetate: Many people (especially working professionals) watch television or read the newspaper while they eat their food. Often, they will just snack throughout the day while they are home. This type of behavior needs to stop if you are going to incorporate a healthier lifestyle. Watching television leads many people to eat mindlessly, oftentimes eating foods that aren't very healthy.

4.) Don't Buy Junk Food:
This is a hard one. If you have a junk food addiction, try to break it. Junk food is really expensive (even at Aldis or Save A Lot) and can be replaced with healthier foods that are much cheaper and probably have more nutrients as well.

5.) Use Coupons:
If you were to research how much money you could save by using coupons, you would be surprised. Coupons can help a lot and there are so many out there for healthy foods as well (especially fruits and vegetables). Now I know it takes time, try using the digital ones that your local store offers.

6.) Exercise at Home: For those that cannot afford to join a gym. Take a walk. Yes.Fit offers a wide range of exercises and workouts that no equipment is needed. This can be done in your living room. Don't think you're too busy or don't have enough time. It is possible to work out at home. Check out Yes.Fit for more info.

7. Take Care of Yourself Mentally:
Being stressed out is not good for your health. Exercise your mind by reading books or listening to music. Put on an audio book and get walking. This will help to decompress and make it more enjoyable. Try meditation, even if it’s just for 5 minutes a day.

In conclusion, staying healthy in an unhealthy economy is possible. It's all about making a few sacrifices and finding the motivation to work towards your health goals.

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About the Author

Heather Peterson

Heather is the Customer Success Marketing Manager and has been with Yes.Fit for 4 years, She loves to cook while making memories with her three daughters. She is a car karaoke expert. She enjoys reading all the books while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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