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Beginner kickboxing workout with Coach Joshua

Meet Joshua:

Joshua is a 24 year old whose inspiration to become a coach in the fitness world began when he saw significant improvements in himself when he started being active. Seeing people’s attitudes and bodies transform through physical activity is one of the most satisfying parts of his career.

One word to describe him would be capable. He truly believes that he can do anything he sets his mind to do.

His favorite thing about the Yes.Fit app are the medals because it gives people concrete evidence of their accomplishments.

Fitness has played a huge role in his development from childhood to adulthood. When he was a kid, sports were what taught him the importance of structure, and his coaches helped him understand the importance of a role model.

Before he began playing sports, he had no drive. All he wanted to do was whatever was most comfortable. That attitude got him nowhere. He gives credit to sports and his coaches for his current understanding of fitness, drive, discipline, consistency and other key characteristics that make him an overall better person than what he was.

Combat training requires a lot of discipline and skill. It always pushed him out of his comfort zone. He started with karate and wrestling as a kid and began practicing taekwondo and kickboxing within the last 3 years. Each style helped him improve both physically and mentally through challenges. Applying all of the lessons he's learned from his coaches, instructors, and the arts themselves, made him realize that there is nothing he can't overcome.

The program:

High Tempo Boxing is going to strengthen the body through the use of calisthenic exercises, and the mind by working the memory and coordination with different striking combinations.

• You'll also be working on a cardio base by practicing alternating high tempo rounds of boxing.

• The workouts will work your metabolism and nervous system, leading to a healthier and more confident you!

• This program lasts 14 days.

He aims to improve flexibility, coordination, stamina, and mental toughness with this program. After completing it himself, he sees and feels improvements in each of those areas.

His advice to anyone new to this style is to be okay with messing up and not to lose enthusiasm after. Mistakes will happen along the way but you need to keep trying!

Anyone new to working out should make sure to stretch well before and after a session. Our minds and bodies will try to convince us to stop because it isn’t comfortable. But the only way to grow is to keep going.

This workout is for those who want to increase their fitness level but are not ready for big routines yet. You can do this workout at home easily, with no equipment needed.

Joshua's Daily Tip:

Connect with something you love and someone you love. This way you can make sure to give life more meaning.

Enjoy the journey. It may be tough but it’s worth it.

• Be confident with yourself and your own capabilities. Work hard and be dedicated because that is how you get results.

• Never give up!

•Stay strong, stay healthy, and have fun!!!

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