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Race | 2,024 miles

How Far Can You Go 2024: Chile

Starting at $25

Welcome to your new year-long race, How Far Can You Go 2024: Chile! There will be two distance options: 2024 miles and 365 miles (click here to join 365 miles instead). Choose the one you want to conquer next year and get ready for an amazing Chile adventure!

👟This can be done as a mirror race which means you can do other races alongside this one.

👟You may start logging miles on January 1st, 2024 and end December 31st 2024.

🌟$69 Bundle Includes:

Medal with 6 pins 


Exclusive Pin - *Only offered with the bundle if you sign up before January 1st, 2024

T-shirt (Unisex)

🌟 Rewards available a-la-carte

You will get Monthly digital postcards during your Chile adventure. Shirt & your exclusive pin (If you purchased before January 1st) will all start to ship in April. Late Summer/early Fall you will receive your Medal + the 6 pins & coin.

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