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5 Ways You Can Jumpstart Your Weight Loss Journey Today

Knowing how to lose weight is easy, but sticking to a weight loss plan is tricky. That’s because it is easy to get lost with so many diet plans and exercise programs out there. The key is to set weight loss goals, create a plan to reach them, and then record your progress so you stay motivated and on track.

A fitness app can help you with all of these. And the best part about these apps is that you can incorporate virtual races as part of your exercise plan. But you don’t have to run a race; you can walk, jog, bike, or stroll. The goal is to move your body and make a little progress each day.

Fitness apps that include virtual races often provide motivators like medals, coins, and tee shirts as rewards for your accomplishments and to reinforce healthy behaviors. These can keep you motivated so you continue to make progress in your health goals.

If you want to lose weight and have been thinking about it for some time, these are 5 ways you can jumpstart your weight loss journey today.

#1 Increase Protein, Healthy Fats and Fiber in Your Diet

As they say, fitness begins in the kitchen. Sticking with a healthy weight loss diet can be challenging for many people, but there are some tricks you can do to help curb your appetite. Consume enough protein; about .73 – 1 gram per pound of body weight of lean proteins.

If you need a boost, try adding a protein drink each day. Include healthy fats and foods that contain healthy fiber into your daily diet. The protein, healthy fats, and fiber will all work together to curb your appetite, increase energy, and help you remove excess weight.

#2Walking for Weight Loss

Walking is one of the easiest ways to begin exercising. That’s because you can go at your own pace and progress when you are ready. Walking helps stretch your muscles and increase circulation, which will give you more energy. Over time, you can increase your pace and distance, improve your metabolism, and burn serious calories to help you reach your weight loss goals.

#3Participate in Virtual Races

Virtual races are a convenient way to fit exercise into your day and challenge yourself. Virtual races are done through an app where you can follow a pre-set course to complete a race. Races may virtually take you to Italy or Florida to explore and learn about interesting pieces of history. You can walk, jog, run, or bike a race and win fun medals and tee shirts to keep you motivated.

#4 Keep a Journal

Record your food intake and exercise activity each day of the week. While this might seem daunting at first, most people get used to it quickly. Recording what you eat can help you fine tune your diet, while tracking your progress helps you stay motivated and can boost your confidence. Many fitness apps help you keep track of your progress, making this aspect of losing weight even easier.

#5 Strength Training

Add strength training into your daily regimen at least twice each week. This includes exercises to increase strength like squats or pushups. Strengthening your muscles can greatly increase metabolism and give you an energy boost.

Fitness apps like Yes.Fit include exercises to improve muscle tone and even target certain areas, and you can find routines that take just 20 minutes.

Don’t wait, begin today to jumpstart your weight loss journey. And don’t forget to have fun with a fitness app that will make sticking with fitness easier.

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