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7 Health Benefits of Regular Exercise

Regular exercise has numerous health benefits that can be enjoyed at any age. And the best part is that workout routines and wellness plans can be tailored to fit all health levels. Many people are aware that exercise is associated with weight loss or improved fitness, but the benefits of incorporating regular exercise into your daily routine go way beyond that. From improving energy to increasing sex drive, you can literally transform your life with daily fitness routines.

The key is to find the best plan that suits you, because fitness consistency will bring the greatest rewards. Find exercises and routines that you love and keep doing them, even if you only exercise for 10 minutes. Even short bursts of exercise will leave you feeling more energized and happier with yourself. In addition, exercise helps lower stress levels and any amount is far better than remaining sedentary.

Here are 7 health benefits of regular exercise to help inspire and motivate you to make exercise one of your daily habits.

1. Regular exercise improves your outlook on life.

While many of us have heard of the euphoria or runner’s high that athletes enjoy thanks to endorphins, anyone can enjoy the mood benefits of regular exercise. An invigorating workout routine or brisk walk after a stressful day can help improve your mood and reduce stress. Regular exercise habits can help shape your muscles or enhance your weight loss program, which in turn can boost your confidence and self-esteem. And better yet, at least one study found that exercise of any intensity improved feelings of depression. Daily exercise seems to be key to dealing with daily stress, which helps promote life balance, productivity and overall happiness.

2. Create more energy with daily exercise.

Many exercise advocates make fitness a habit because it leads to more energy throughout the day. Partaking in regular exercise improves your oxygen intake and increases circulation throughout your entire body. Over time, your cardiovascular system becomes more efficient, while exercising consistently helps boost muscle strength and endurance. This powerful combination works together to improve your level of wellness which naturally creates more energy, making everyday chores and activities seem easier.

3. Sleep better through the night with fitness consistency.

In fact, according to The Sleep Foundation, a non-profit organization that collects evidence-based sleep studies, consistent exercise for periods of 4 to 24 weeks helps sufferers of insomnia fall asleep faster and sleep longer than before they did regular exercise. But you don’t have to suffer from insomnia to enjoy the sleep benefits because moderate to vigorous workout routines all have a positive impact on quality of sleep. In fact, when coupled with its stress-reducing benefits, regular exercise can help you fall asleep and stay asleep through the night.

4. Maintain strong bones and muscles with regular workout routines like strength training.

Weight or strength training improves protein absorption in muscles, which helps limit deterioration and improves muscle growth. But the benefits don’t stop there. Regular exercise also helps build bone density, which is important at any age to help protect you from injury and exercise plays a role in the prevention of osteoporosis later in life.

5. Protect your memory and your brain with fitness consistency.

Just as exercise promotes an increased flow of oxygen and blood to improve cardiovascular health, these actions will also nourish your brain with more oxygen and nutrients from your blood. This may be why regular exercise is linked to improved memory and cognitive skills. In addition, incorporating regular workout routines into your daily wellness plan has been shown to increase the size of the hippocampus; a part of the brain that is responsible for learning and memory. And if you truly want to protect your brain from age-related diseases like dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, you’re in luck because exercise improves resilience to these along with other chronic disturbances. (1)

6. Maximize fat loss and control your weight with both aerobic exercise and strength training workouts.

While maintaining a healthy diet is key to weight loss and control, incorporating regular workout routines enhances your efforts by increasing your metabolic rate so you burn more calories. Switching to a healthier diet means a reduced caloric intake for most people, which can result in a lower metabolism. But exercise can help boost your metabolism to make up for the deficit, so you get more benefits for your efforts. Incorporating both cardio exercise and strength training will maximize your fat loss efforts and improve muscle mass, leaving you leaner and shapelier.

7. Stimulate your sex life by engaging in regular exercise.

Numerous studies have shown that exercise stimulates sex drive, but improved fitness also contributes to a great sex life. One scientific review of 10 studies found that men who incorporated 160 minutes of exercise each week for six months improved erectile dysfunction. (2) Another study of postmenopausal women indicated that regular exercise was linked to increased sexual desire and function. Making exercise and fitness part of your daily habits will ensure you are happier in all areas of your life.


Regular exercise is life changing and along with these above benefits, it can also give your skin a healthy glow, reduce your risk of chronic diseases and will leave you feeling all around healthier. If motivation is an issue, have fun with online dance exercise routines or group walks with friends. If you feel competitive or want to challenge yourself, try a fitness app like Yes.Fit for exciting races to win medals and clothing, or try a fitness challenge and stay motivated as you monitor your progress. Have fun and explore the many ways to incorporate workout routines into your life and you can enjoy the health benefits of regular exercise.


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