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Top 4 Celebrity Workouts You Can do at Home

While we all aren’t celebrities, checking out their workout routines can be fun and teach us a thing or two. They are busy people, just like us, often juggling careers and families. This means that, just like us, they need to get the most from their workout to save time and get back to the rest of their life.

With that in mind, we found some of the best workout routines you can do at home. Most incorporate strength training, but without weights, which removes the need to purchase weights that can take up a lot of space. Get ready to tone, strengthen and burn fat with these top celebrity workouts.

Hot Yoga for a Hot Body

Touted by the likes of Duchess Meghan Markle and Britney Spears, Hot Yoga is literally as it sounds; a yoga class done in a hot room. Also called Bikram Yoga after the founder, Bikram Choudhury, it is a system of yoga exercise that takes participants through a flow of 26 postures with two breathing exercises in 90 minutes. The heated room helps stimulate blood flow while relaxing muscles, making it easier to stretch into the poses. And, of course, the side effect of hot, strong muscles is a perk. Here are some moves taken from Hot Yoga that you can do at home.

Chair Pose flow, or the Utkatasana flow for strong legs:

1. From a standing position with feet about three inches apart, bring arms to shoulder level in front of you with palms facing down and shoulders relaxed

2. Sit into Chair Pose by keeping your weight balanced on both legs, bending your knees and slightly push your bottom out as if you will sit on a chair

3. Slowly rise onto your tip toes and take one to two deep breaths

4. Lower your heels and slowly raise arms overhead and keep in line with your spine

5. Slowly stand up and begin at step 1 and repeat three times

Warrior Pose for shapely glutes and arms, while improving muscle balance:

1. Begin by positioning yourself on a floor mat, support yourself with your legs together and toes on the ground and hands on the floor, with straight arms, directly under your shoulders

2. Slowly bend one knee and move foot forward, bringing it to the mat so it is even with your chin, as you slowly raise to your fingertips

3. Resting your weight on both feet, bring your hands to your hips as you straighten both legs, keeping your stomach tight and spine tall

4. Slowly move one arm to point in front of you while moving your other arm to point behind you, keeping arms shoulder height – hold this pose for two breaths

5. Slowly bring yourself back to beginning position and do the other side and repeat

Extended boat pose for strong abs:

1. Sit on your mat, hands gently on the floor by your sides, with your knees bent and feet flat to the floor

2. Slowly lean back, keeping your spine and torso straight and aligned

3. Straighten your legs to a 45-degree angle away from the floor while you extend your arms in front of you for balance, parallel to the floor

4. Hold for as long as you can, but don’t overdo this one, especially if you have back problems

The Barre Method, or Bar for Short

The Bar Method, also known as Barre, challenges famous moms, like Molly Sims, who looks incredible after having 3 kids! This exercise mimics workout routines that dancers use for strength training and lean, strong muscles. Check out some of these moves.

The Pretzel for your waist and glutes:

1. Begin by sitting on the floor with one leg in front of you, bent at the knee and the other leg beside or behind you and also bent at the knee. You can rest one arm on the floor and the other on your ankle for balance. Lean slightly forward while keeping your spine aligned.

2. When you have your balance, slowly lift your back leg off the floor and “pump” up and down in tiny movements, about 1⁄4 inch for 10 reps

3. Lower and repeat the other side

The Narrow V from the Barre Method

1. Stand with heels together and toes pointing away from each other; about 2-3 inches apart

2. Raise your heels about one inch from the floor

3. Bend your knees to squat as low as you can while keeping your spine straight (a plie stance)

4. Move up and down about one inch for 10 to 20 reps and repeat three times

Low Curl for 6 pack abs

1. Lie on the floor, arms to your side, feet together, facing the ceiling

2. Slowly lift your shoulders and legs at the same time while moving arms up to shoulder height and bending your knees

3. Come to a position where your arms and lower legs are parallel to the floor

4. Hold while breathing for a count of ten, slowly lower yourself and repeat two more times

Piloxing – the Boxing Pilates Craze

Piloxing is the workout craze praised on Instagram by Kelly Osborne. We know she loves to have fun while working out and Piloxing fits right in with her full-body sculpting routine. This is a combination of Pilates and boxing, so you know strength training will come naturally when you practice these moves at home:

Power Lunge Forward with Jabs:

1. Stand with feet together and arms by sides with elbows bent (boxing guard position)

2. Lift your right knee and take one step forward while slowly jabbing forward with your left arm

3. As your right leg lands in front of you, bend both knees to a 45-degree angle

4. Slowly stand up and repeat with the other side, do this in three sets of 10-20 reps

Skate Box

1. Stand with feet parallel and arms to your side, bent at the elbow in guard pose

2. Step your right leg behind you and cross behind your left leg, rotate torso to your left and jab to the left with your right arm

3. Come back to the center and repeat the other side; do three sets for 10-20 reps

Core Control to strengthen abs

1. Stand with feet together and arms straight out to the sides, shoulder height

2. Step back with one leg while keeping the spine straight and arms in place

3. Slowly lift your rear leg while keeping it straight and moving arms to point in front of you (still shoulder height)

4. Lift until your legs and arms are parallel to the floor (or as close as you can) and hold for a count of 10, repeat two times

Cross-fit for All

Cross-fit has been used by power women like Madonna to maintain a strong physique while on tour. The moves are challenging, but help build lean muscle fast. Many of these exercises can be done at home, but pay attention to your form so you avoid injury!

Walking Lunge for Shapely Legs:

1. Stand with feet hip-width apart and hands on hips

2. Take a long step with your right foot, or lunge, forward far enough that your right thigh is parallel to the floor and keep your knee over your ankle. Repeat on the other side and move forward as you “walk” your way to 20 reps

Bur-pee Jump for All Around Body Toning:

1. Stand with feet hip-width apart and hands on your hips

2. Crouch down and place hands on floor, keeping them aligned under your shoulders

3. While putting all your strength in your arms and hands, kick both feet out behind you into a push-up pose, keeping ankles together

4. Bring both feet back under you and stand up back to the starting position for 10 reps

Butterfly Sit Up

1. Lie face up, with knees bent and soles of feet pressed together, knees open to the sides, and arms lying straight up on the floor above your head (Place a folded towel under your lower back if you have any back problems)

2. Slowly reach your arms up while curling up to reach your fingers to your toes.

3. Do a slow, controlled one to three sets of 15 reps.

I know some might feel a little overwhelming, so go slow and try them out. You might just like some of these new ways to get in shape. And don't forget all these workouts can be used for miles with Yes.Fit virtual races, learn cool facts and get awesome rewards when you are done.

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