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Keto- Friendly Frozen Fruit Dessert

Prep in minutes

Ready in an 2 hours

Serves: Depends on if you want to share!


1 Sugar-Free Instant Jello (Pick Your favorite Flavor, I love Strawberry)
Sugar Free Cool Whip ( Defrost so not frozen)
Corresponding fruit flavor (I chose strawberry)
Unsweetened coconut
Sliced Almonds


1. Mix the Instant Jello with the cool whip
2. Freeze for 2 hours.
3. Top with your fruit
4. Sprinkle some coconut and almonds & enjoy!


You can keep it right in the cool whip tub.

If you want to share double the recipe!

It's good for a week in the freezer.

About the Author

Heather Peterson

Heather is the Customer Success Marketing Manager and has been with Yes.Fit for 4 years, She loves to cook while making memories with her three daughters. She is a car karaoke expert. She enjoys reading all the books while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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