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Christine Morton

Mileage Based

  • Installing Muscles card image

    Installing Muscles

    Completed 250 Miles

  • Sunshine Stepper card image

    Sunshine Stepper

    Completed 100 Miles

  • First Steps card image

    First Steps

    Completed 1 Mile

  • Ain't it fun? card image

    Ain't it fun?

    Completed 500 Miles

Workout Based

  • Roller Boogie card image

    Roller Boogie

    Completed 150 Workouts

  • Rump Shaker card image

    Rump Shaker

    Completed 125 Workouts

  • Fist Bumper card image

    Fist Bumper

    Completed 100 Workouts

  • Check the Boxes card image

    Check the Boxes

    Completed 75 Workouts

  • Rooster Booster card image

    Rooster Booster

    Completed 50 Workouts

  • Wide Open Spaces card image

    Wide Open Spaces

    Completed 25 Workouts

  • Just Keep Moving card image

    Just Keep Moving

    Completed 10 Workouts

  • Stayin' Alive card image

    Stayin' Alive

    Completed 5 Workouts

  • IceBreaker card image


    Completed 1 Workout

  • Wind Maker card image

    Wind Maker

    Completed 200 Workouts

Races Based

  • Explorer card image


    Completed 5 Races

  • Stir Fry card image

    Stir Fry

    Completed 4 Races

  • Apprentice card image


    Completed 3 Races

  • Rising Star card image

    Rising Star

    Joined Club Yes.Fit

  • Freshman  card image


    Completed 2 Races

  • Little Foot card image

    Little Foot

    Completed 1 Race

  • Believer card image


    Joined your First Race

  • Dragon Slayer card image

    Dragon Slayer

    Completed 10 Races

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