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How to Start Your Fitness Journey

Beginning a journey into fitness may feel exciting, yet intimidating if you don’t know how to start. Planning your fitness journey with workouts to suit you coupled with a nutritional plan can go a long way to help you get started. These tips can help anyone learn how to begin and make a beginner fitness journey more manageable.

Make a vision board with your fitness goals in mind. The vision board is a great tool to help you visualize your goals and make them feel more real. They are fun to put together and you can include anything you want on your board. Begin with a cork board or poster board and find pictures in magazines to post on it. Some ideas include adding workout photos, motivational quotes, fitness clothing and colorful photos of healthy meals. Include any photos that will help you feel inspired and motivated.

Keep all aspects of your new fitness journey manageable. This can be done by incorporating small steps toward fitness instead of trying to do too much, too soon. For example, use simple meal plans with easy-to-make recipes. Exercise in 10-20 minute segments to help you stay on track. Small steps are easier to implement and stick with, even when you are less motivated due to fatigue or stress. As you practice, you should gain more energy, which leads to increased motivation.

Nutrition is key for beginner fitness programs. As the saying goes, you are what you eat and if you consume foods that are light and healthy, that is how you will feel. Incorporating a nutritious diet is easier if you use meal plans and prep ahead of time. Use your vision board for inspiration and put together a set of healthy recipes that are easy to follow. Try to include protein in at least three of your daily meals and be sure to drink plenty of water. Also keep in mind that cutting out junk foods and those that are highly processed is just as important as consuming healthy foods.

Track your progress to help motivate you. You can do this by journaling or using a fitness app, and be sure to update it each day. Record your daily meals and add how you feel afterward. Also keep track of your workouts and how you feel, noting if the workout felt easier, the same, or more difficult. Also note any goals you reach and improvements in your progress to help motivate you. Notes like this can be key to reinforcing the impact of your diet on your energy levels and making adjustments when needed.

Make it fun. Above all else, remember that you are doing this for you, so enjoy it. Exercise does not have to be a grueling workout and healthy meals can be interesting and delicious. The key is to practice and try new things. Creativity in exercise and nutrition are easily done with practice. Using apps like Yes.Fit can help make fitness fun with virtual races that take you around the world or inspire you to try fitness challenges like the Bunny Hop or the Caliente Dance Challenge.

Embarking on a fitness journey will promote a healthy body and mind. Begin your fitness journey today with meal planning and workouts that you can follow, and you will enjoy the benefits for a lifetime.

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