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How to Stay Motivated as a Beginner

Anyone can begin a walking or exercise routine, but making exercise a habit takes effort. When it comes to beginner fitness, there are methods you can use to maintain workout motivation to keep you walking, jogging or training for a race. Here are some of the top tips to keep you motivated and help make healthy exercise habits easier to stick with.

Make exercise fun.

Children have fun running and dancing and you can, too. But instead of playing tag or other childhood games, adults can take advantage of fun fitness apps that boost workout motivation with fitness challenges and races. Apps like Yes.Fit offer creative virtual races like the Sea Turtle Exploration or you can take your time and jog along the Belugas, lights and bears virtual race. Fitness apps include tools to monitor your progress, making it convenient and easier to stay motivated. Users have a choice to walk, run, or even swim to complete the race and the fun is enhanced with completion medals and t-shirts.

Fitness with friends

is a great way to stay motivated and socialize. Get together with friends, family, or neighbors and make walking an after-dinner habit. If you have children, gather them and their friends and walk or run to the local park. Staying active with others can help you stay motivated even when you don’t feel like working out.

Include physical activity into your daily routine.

Engaging in some form of exercise every day helps turn beginner fitness into a habit as you begin to feel more energetic. To make any exercise part of your everyday life, walk as often as you can and include fun activities throughout your week. Have fun and meet people by joining a local sports team to keep you accountable each week or end each day with a relaxing yoga routine. Stretching is another form of exercise that can calm the mind while improving your flexibility, and it is easy to do on days you are not motivated for more strenuous exercise.

Be kind to yourself.

Many beginners start a fitness routine with lofty goals. But setting high standards can quickly lead to burnout, especially if life gets stressful. Instead, aim for shorter exercise times like 20-30 minutes and allow yourself to exercise longer if you feel like it. If you really don’t feel like exercising, use lighter workouts such as walking or stretching. The goal is to include any form of exercise each day because making it a habit can help you maintain workout motivation.

Make exercise convenient.

No matter if you exercise at the gym or take part in a local dance class, there may be times when you are too busy to spend the time commuting to and from the location. Always have a convenient backup for when you are short on time such as shoes to walk around the block or an exercise app for a convenient 20 minute fitness challenge.

Beginner fitness routines do not have to end in burnout. Incorporate these tips to help you stay motivated and you will reap the rewards that exercise has to offer for a lifetime.

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