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Spring Clean Your Fitness Routine

Spring is the time of year for renewal or rebirth, and in our personal lives this usually means out with the old and in with the new. Use this time to spring clean your fitness routine by updating your fitness goals and refreshing your workout routine.

Updating fitness goals is easy when you use a little self-reflection, and spring cleaning your fitness routine can bring a fresh motivation and interest to your workout. Goals constantly change as we do. For example, a desire to lose weight might turn into a desire for more energy, or you might reach a weight loss goal and make a new goal of gaining muscle. Reevaluating your goals can help you stay on track and stay true to your inner desires.

Updating your workouts will keep the exercise routines matched to your goals, but there are more benefits that make the update worthwhile. Each time you change a workout routine, you stimulate a new set of muscles and burn more calories as your body adjusts. A change in routines can also bring a new sense of motivation, while using a variety of muscles ensure balance, which can help you avoid injury.

Steps to Spring Clean Your Fitness Routine

Revamp your goals. Create a fitness journal, if you don’t already have one, and decide what goals you would like to realize. For example, to lose 20 pounds by July would be a long-term goal and losing 2 pounds per week would be smaller goals along the way. If you want to win a race, take note of the race date and set up smaller goals along the way, like increasing your current distance in short increments each week.

Spring is a great time to reevaluate and check your mindset, and keep in mind that most people will more likely reach a goal they have defined ahead of time.

Take it Outside. Spring brings warmer weather, but in many areas it’s not too hot to be outside, yet. Take advantage of this perfect time of year to take your workout outside and hit the park, the beach or the hiking trails. If you normally run on a treadmill, try running up and down hills for a different kind of training. Find a park that has fitness equipment built into a circuit and use that twice each week, or go biking or jogging along a nearby beach.

Fitness is not just physical, but mental too, and the great outdoors can help you relax and clear your head, making your workout more enjoyable.

Change up your workout. This is easy to do if you move your workout from indoors to outdoors or the other way, but what about those who don’t have much of a choice? Some people must use a gym and have no access to parks or beaches, while others have no choice but to workout at home. But workout variety is not limited to where you exercise, and anyone can change their routine.

By adding some resistance bands to your simple routine at home can change up your everyday home workout.

If you normally do circuit training at your gym, then move to fitness classes for a while. Changing your routine might involve adding a yoga class, Pilates or even a barre class. You can do the same at home or on your own by using workout DVDs, fitness apps and On Demand or streaming services. Most require no equipment and have online communities where you can find people to give advice or cheer you on, when needed.

New fitness gear can bring a breath of fresh air to your fitness goals. Most of us know how good we feel when we put on a new outfit that looks great, and workout clothes are no exception. New clothes can make us excited to go show them off or can inspire us to workout more.

And spring is a great time to go over all your fitness gear and evaluate if you need new shoes, new clothing for new weather or if your gear is appropriate for your refreshed, spring workout.

Seasonal races offer an exciting way to motivate yourself while having a specific goal in mind. Races often donate some proceeds to charity, allowing you to improve your fitness while flexing your charitable muscles. Once you find a race, sign up and set up your workout schedule so you are ready for the competition. Use a fitness app to help you organize and keep track of your workouts.

And speaking of fitness apps, many of these offer virtual races, so if no races take place where you live then sign up for one of these. You just might win a medal or tee shirt while you enjoy a new sport. Using Yes.Fit is one of the ways races will always be available to you.

Fresh music is a great motivator and movement stimulation. And with all the great music out there, there’s no need to listen to the same songs every workout. Try exploring new playlists from the radio or those of friends, and put together a new playlist to go with a new workout. This could bring a rejuvenated sense of motivation and help you get ready for summer.

Diet for the season. Face it, sometimes diets can get boring when eating the same meals day after day. But learning to consume a diet for the season means to incorporate the fruits and vegetables of the current season and prepare your meals around them. Spring brings a fresh array of berries that can be added to salads and vegetables like crispy lettuces, fresh peas, or ruby red beets. Try new salads and vegetable tarts to keep your meals interesting, and keep it light since spring is the time of year associated with spring cleaning your body, too.

Recovery is just important in reaching fitness goals as the workout routines themselves. Spring clean your fitness routine by planning one or two recovery days each week. You can make them fun by using these days to learn a new sport or simply enjoy a long hike in nature. Pamper yourself with a massage or enjoy a day at a spa. There are many ways to enjoy downtime, which is important for your muscles to recover and improve.

Remember that fitness should be fun, and the more fit you become the more you enjoy life.

Get going today and put together your new, updated spring fresh routine so you can enjoy a healthy summer.

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