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Top Turkey Trot's in America

Thanksgiving is a day filled with football, fun and food, and as the celebrations take over, many people put training and fitness aside. But some Americans have found a new activity to add to their celebration line up; an annual Turkey Trot fun run. These events are often associated with charities and give families a reason to keep up with training. You can even boast race results on national websites as a reward for your efforts.

The Turkey Trot was once a type of dance, but today it is a sport involving a walk or run, where the results are not as important as keeping fit and healthy through the holidays. Turkey Trots can be found all across America and range from beginner runs to intermediate races. And they are a great way for family to get together, give to charity and burn some energy, making Thanksgiving dinner even more rewarding.

Training for an upcoming Turkey Trot will help condition your body so when the holidays arrive, your feast will have less impact on your waistline. Most runs are less intense than traditional races but still give you the perfect amount of light cardio to rev your metabolism through the holidays. Many of these events have run/walks for the entire family, and if you’re the competitive type, there are plenty of 5K and 10K runs that will share your results for bragging rights. Here are just some of the top Turkey Trots that over 900,000 Americans run with each year, so find your flock and start training.

Silicon Valley Turkey Trot

The SV Turkey Trot is a family festival of fun. Events include a day of the race festival, costume contest, a Quickest Cop and Fastest Firefighter Competition, a 10k wheelchair and kids races in a kids’ zone. With over 22,000 participants and 2,100 volunteers, this race has donated more than $7 million dollars to charities like food banks and the Healthier Kids Foundation. The family event is held Thanksgiving Day and is voted one of the top Turkey Trots in America.

Oceanside, CA

Better known as the O’Side Turkey Trot, this event holds a 5 mile and a 5K race on Thanksgiving Day. The family event includes a costume contest, live entertainment and encourages teams to join. A beautiful Oceanside location draws visitors from 46 states to trot along and enjoy the attractions as they raise money for local nonprofits in Southern California. Come enjoy this one for an extended fitness, beach vacation.

Las Vegas, NV

You won’t be running in the lights of Las Vegas for this race. The Las Vegas Turkey Trot runs along a historic railroad trail that meanders around the scenic Lake Mead Recreational Area and through tunnels once used for workers to take materials to the Hoover Dam. The variety of events offer something for everyone including a one-mile stroll, a 5K course, 12K run and, of course, the bragging rights of running the aptly named course, the Six Tunnels to Hoover Dam. It takes place on the morning of Thanksgiving Day, so when turkey time comes, your appetite is ready for the feast.

Dallas, TX

In the heart of Texas, you will find the Dallas YMCA Turkey Trot, that boasts to be one of the largest family events of its kind. Like most, this one encourages families to share in the festivities like a 5k run/walk, a junior trot kid’s race and The Roost tent; a VIP pass with breakfast before and beer, snacks and more after the race. But you don’t have to be a VIP here, because the festival includes bounce houses, live music and food for the whole family. And like most races, they will post your results on their website after the race.

Cincinnati, OH

This might not sound as flashy as Las Vegas, but this is one of the original Turkey Trots. It is called the Thanksgiving Day Race and has been in action for 110 years. Considered a Cincinnati treasure and tradition, this 10K walk/run goes through three cities and two states. It encourages all families and celebrates good health among all, and supports charities like Alzheimer’s Association and Girls on the Run.

Andover, MA

Here you will find The Feaster Five Road Race that offers 5 Mile, 5K and kids’ fun runs so the whole family participate. This event benefits charities like the local YMCA and the Challenge Unlimited at Ironstone Farm, and is considered one of the largest Thanksgiving Day races in the New England area. And the best part of this race is not just that running legends like Bill Rodgers might show up, but runners are rewarded with apple pie at the finish. Now that’s American.

Denver, CO

This trot is known as the Mile High United Way Turkey Trot. And while that’s a mouthful to say, over 10,000 people show up to this event, which makes it one of the top fundraisers for the United Way. They offer a 4 Mile race and a ¼ mile family fun run. And the real fun comes afterwards in their craft beer garden party with live music and local vendor booths. The mild weather and scenic course through Washington Park make this a top destination for runners of all ages.

World’s Largest Turkey Trot

We’ve saved the best for last. Many Turkey Trots are found in larger cities or private running clubs, but not this virtual Turkey Trot. The Yes.Fit app offers a trot for everyone, where you can walk, run or crawl at your own pace – and get a medal for doing it. The 6.2 mile race lasts four days, giving you plenty of time for training, and has over 15,000 participants around the world. Participants receive their medal ahead of the event so you can show off your swag on their Facebook page during the event. Joining this race and The World's Largest Turkey trot Facebook Group brings you into a community of fit-minded enthusiasts, where you can meet friends, share results and cheer each other on all year long.

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