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Maximize Your Morning & Evening Fitness Routine for Better Results

Whether you're doing one of our virtual races or virtual fitness challenges in the morning or the evening, there are ways to make sure you get the maximum benefits like weight loss and overall health.

Your fitness routine should fit into the best time to exercise that suits your needs and schedule, but there are pros and cons to each time of day. The following guide can show you how to maximize your morning and evening fitness routine for better results.

Morning Fitness Routine

Morning fitness routines are great for those who work during the day but want to get their exercise out of the way. It might take getting used to but can quickly become a healthy habit that easily replaces any morning coffee and donut.

Pros of a Morning Fitness Routine

Morning fitness routines can get your day off to a great start. As long as you don’t overdo it, you can enjoy a positive mindset and energy for the rest of your day as a result of morning exercise. At the same time, you will have done your exercise for the day, so will feel accomplished and not have to worry about other things getting in the way to stop you from working out.

Those who use a morning fitness routine find they have more willpower for the rest of the day, thanks to increased confidence in one’s ability to stick to a routine. At the same time, people who have completed their daily exercise simply don’t want to sabotage their exercise efforts with poor food choices.

Along with the above benefits, some fitness experts claim there are even more benefits to the morning fitness routine. These include improved ability to burn fat for the remainder of the day and better sleep at night.

Cons of Morning Fitness Routine

As with anything, there are some downsides to working out in the morning. For many, it may take some serious discipline to get out of bed earlier, exercise, and get ready for work. This hurdle might be harder for those who live in wintery areas, due to the cold weather and desire to stay in bed.

The trick that can help you overcome this is to set an alarm and get up with it before your mind starts giving excuses to not work out. Have your exercise clothes and work clothes ready to go, so you have one less thing to think about in the morning.

Exercising before work might prove difficult for those with children or single parents. In this case, have a plan such as asking your spouse or a family member to help. If your children are old enough, talk to them ahead of time so they know what their responsibilities will be. Working out at home and including your children is another option that can create lasting health habits for your family while providing extra motivation to stick to your routine.

When exercising first thing in the morning, your body might be a bit stiffer, so be sure to incorporate a warmup. And if exercising on an empty stomach might cause you to run out of fuel early, try to fit in a protein shake or protein snack at least 10-20 minutes before you begin to exercise.

Evening Fitness Routine

Some experts believe that exercising later in the day is better because bodily functions are ready and able to do so. It is supposed to be a time for extra strength and performance, but that may depend on the person, the type of work they do, and their mindset.

Pros of an Evening Fitness Routine

Exercising later in the day has numerous perks, such as more flexibility as your body has been moving all day, which can lessen your risk of injuries. Some people have excess, bottled up energy from work, so a post-work fitness routine might be the perfect answer to help alleviate stress from the day. Increased metabolism and lung function take place later in the day, so this might be the best time for a cardio workout.

Aside from the above physical pros, working out at the end of the day will ensure you burn the calories and energy from the day, so you sleep better at night. Going to the gym after work or even after dinner is a great way to make new friends and remove the temptation to snack on unhealthy foods. When all the above-mentioned benefits are combined, the evening workouts provide an opportunity for an overall healthier lifestyle.

Cons of an Evening Fitness Routine

The downside of working out in the evening for most is fatigue. When the body and brain are tired and stressed from a long day at work, the last thing you might want to do is go to the gym. But if you can overcome that hurdle, you will quickly learn that the later workout is an opportunity to relieve stress and handle stress better in the future.

Saving your exercise routine for later in the day or evening might prove challenging if unforeseen events arise, which can make it seem like you don’t have time for fitness. But most people can still fit in at least 20 minutes of exercise, whether it is an after-dinner walk or a 20-minute yoga routine in your living room.

Exercising after work or in the evening might limit your options. For example, if you work out at a gym, you might find the hours right after work is overly busy. In this case, aim for a workout after dinner to avoid the crowd. If you normally exercise outdoors, but it gets too dark, cold, or both, then compensate by joining a gym or creating a new workout at home for the next couple of months. In this case, flexibility will help you overcome most obstacles.


Having a regular fitness routine is important for health, happiness, and longevity. Deciding to incorporate your routine in the morning or evening is important to help establish a habit. And remember to remain flexible, because you might find that changing your routine and even the time that you work out can help you enjoy it more. And the most important aspect of any fitness routine is that they are far easier to follow when we enjoy them with minimal stress.

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